Vietnam Poly-rattan Wicker Outdoor Furniture

What is the poly-rattan wicker furniture?

Poly-rattan wicker furniture are poly-rattan weaving chairs, armchairs, tables, benches, loungers, sofa sets, corner sofa sets, dining sets, bistro sets, sunbeds, planters, garden sofas, patio sofas, balcony sets, swimming pool side sunbeds, etc. made by metal frame with poly-rattan wicker woven by handicraftsmen.

They are flexible, comfortable to use, and also give the impression of natural rattan. Manual production guarantees refinement, attention to detail and the highest quality, as well as uniqueness. 

Poly-rattan wicker is also called PE/ plastic/ faux/ artificial rattan which is synthetic rattan-like fiber made of high-quality polyethylene. It is an ecological and non-toxic material that can be fully recycled. 

Metal frame can be iron with rust-resistant treament steps or aluminium with powder coating.

Poly-rattan wicker furniture can be used not only for indoor but also popularly used for Outdoor.

What are the advantages of poly-rattan wicker furniture?

  • Natural and various look: PE rattan is designated to look like natural rattan. And as poly-rattan furniture is handcrafted, single synthetic fibers are woven on a metal It gives the impression of natural rattan. At the same time, poly-rattan wicker can be various colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, etc. It can be smooth or wire-brush, can be colorful or neutral, traditional or morden, round shape, flat or half-moon shapes. Popular orders are usually with neutral colors like grey, light grey, dark grey, mixed grey, natual rattan color, off-white. However, you can have any color fit to your space style. Moreover, poly-rattan wicker can be easily combined with other materials such as wood, metal, cushion, polywood to have trendy design furniture.

  • Weather durability: Unlike natural rattan, poly-rattan can particularly withstand many harsh outdoor elements like rains, snow, UV light, heat, moisture, and so on. That why poly-rattan furniture is used popular for outdoor.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance: The dirt on the PE rattan garden furniture after a time using outside can be quickly removed with damp cloths or water without fear of getting rusty like iron garden furniture or mildew like the natural rattan.

Vietnam poly-rattan wicker furniture

Possessing abundant handicraftmen source and available domestic material sources, Vietnam has the advantages to produce poly-rattan wicker furniture with good quality and competitive price for export market. 

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